What is Original Skills ?

Original Skills is an expert system that enables organizations and enterprises to respond to the recruitment, selection, assessment and development of human resources in an innovative way. Companies has always invested significantly more resources to recruitment that the selection and evaluation process. Original Skills unifies these HR processes, saves on operating costs and recovers, thanks to a system of tracking, the ability of management to schedule interviews and hiring.

The Skill View® model

The availability of a personality description system based on a scientific method is crucial to the applications of psychology in the organisational, educational and work fields. The Skill View® Test was developed to respond to this widespread need.
The main innovation brought to the Italian market for HR services by Skill View® is that it allows organisations that are always looking for people who can effectively fill specific job roles, to use the psychological approach of "personal characteristics", linking it directly to the roles and occupational statuses of the parties concerned.
This model, which combines scientific rigor with simplicity of use, is presented in the volume "The model Skill View®" (only in Italian language), which depicts the steps that led to the validation of the tests and provides information for its better use and report interpretation of personality factors and facets. The volume is available in Italian on Amazon or may be required to ecommerce@originalskills.com

1. How to get automatic the recruiting and the assessment process?

Manage with autonomy the on-line data base. In a few minutes.

Through Original Skills, it is possible to create a database in order to recruit directly on the web, in a few steps. The registered company accesses to the directional dashboard and inserts the information needed by candidate to propose himself/herself, that is: the place of work, functional area, role or job position. In this way, the database will be ready to be used.

2. How to collect information without interruptions, 24 hours a day ?

Link to the company website and social networks.

The company can build up an endowment of candidacies for each job position, on the basis of its needs. In every moment, e-recruiting system will allow to verify the progress state of the candidacies arrived, on its own website, spontaneously.

3. How to choose the best candidates among all ?

Online Screening and assessment.

The automation of the candidacies, the “Screening” and “Selection” process, considers the use of the self-assessment test “Skill View®. Through its use, the added value is that it allows to select the candidates on the basis of the company values and the required integrity specific for the advertised job position.

4. How to assess in depth and with strong scientific basis?

The use of Skill View®.

Skill View® test describes the personality of the candidate, in depth. Furthermore, it is able to insert his/her competencies (on the basis of the company needs), adequately. Starting from 2000, the test (with an internal validity and reliability) has been realized for the work enviroment, specifically. The test adopts the most recognized scientific model in psychological research, the Big Five Model, by Costa & McCrae’s version, NEO PI R.

5. How to handle the growth of collaborators ?

The skills required for the role

People within the company have a well defined role or anyway they have to produce outcomes which are dependent on their qualities and on the company strategies. Original Skills usage, allows companies to integrate every collaborator in a job role tailored on their personal features. Staff’s training, development and other personal strenghtening actions lie downstream of the evaluation processes.

6. How to keep track of the recruiting and the assessment interviews ?

The tracking of evaluation

For each company, is it possible to produce a series of evaluations based on their own procedures keeping track of them, autonomously? Original Skills has an additional functionality, which connects the concrete evaluation requirements to the recruitment, selection and assessment processes.

7. How to carry out development interviews keeping track on the web ?

The candidate’s Report is always up-to-date.

The “Candidate’s Report” includes a descriptive module of the candidates’ interviews and the assessment results. It allows interviewers and experts to be guided in the questions to be addressed to the candidates. The “Candidate’s Report” keeps track of the merit evaluations based on the direct contact with the candidate e links it with other assessments, already done by the company and the Skill View® self-assessment test.

8. How to identify training gaps for a focused training ?

The analysis of competencies for the role, area, company

For the whole company, activities areas and single competencies, Gap Analysis functionality allows to visualise which are the results in terms of frequencies. This visualisation allows the company managers to plan training interventions addressed to working areas, groups or people, using this tool as completion of the company atmosphere.

9. How to use the data collected in order to handle the best performances ?

The analysis of competencies for the role, area, company

On equals knowledge, experience or oraganizational elements (same job position, equals contractual condition, same benefits) Why some people perform better and can systematically reach better results than others? Skill View® allows to identify which are the pivotal competencies (they allow to the best performers to obtain superior performances). Within the best performers, the inner benchmark is useful to direct aware choices in relation to hirings, career paths and external placement (features released in Italian).

10. How to insert in the system the company competencies ?

The consulting, in order to validate the company competencies.

Original Skills offers 33 competencies, divided into 5 areas (personal, realization social, influence and leadership, management competencies). It allows to have an overall picture of the weak and strong competencies of the candidate. A final report will allow to have a view of all of it. It is well-know that the competencies required by the company to their collaborators are closely related to its values and strategy; the latter changes with the passage of time. Therefore, the enterprise could want to implement in the app its own competencies model as well. Through the proposed model, the company can validate its own competencies, evaluating them in a more objective way, handling them online and with continuity.